Old Miller Man
Yukon History – The Miller Man

The Yukon Mill and Grain Co., an important industry for Yukon and surrounding areas, contributed much to the growth and modernization of our community and school.  The name “Miller” was used to identify the individual responsible for opening the mill early in the morning and locking the mill late in the evening.  He had a very important job for the mill. 

In the fall of 1930, Yukon Public Schools decided to honor the local industry and change the school mascot from the Yukon Panthers to the Yukon Millers.  Many visiting teams thought that the Millers were the small moths commonly found in sacks of flour.  This situation was very worrisome for the Yukon student body but no one seemed to have an answer to this problem.  Not until, Miss Thelma Ratcliff and her senior English class were reading The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer did the students realize how important the “Miller” was.  One of the notable characters in the tale is a Miller Man. In the Prologue, quote, “The Miller was a chap of sixteen stone, a great stout fellow big in brawn and bone.  He did well out of them, for he could go and win the ram at any wrestling show. Broad, knotty, and short-shouldered, he would boast He could heave any door off hinge and post, ——-“. The students decided that the Miller Man was their fellow. 

The Miller Man boasts of strength of sportsmanship and character and continues to grow stronger every year with Yukon’s love and support.  Yukon definitely boasts with Miller Pride.